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Budgets And Discounts
Simplify your monthly expenses with Mahoney’s Easy Budget Plan. Budget payments are due on the 20th of each month starting in September and go through June. Budget plans are based on gallons used during the heating season and multiplied by the current price of oil per gallon, then divided into 10 payments. This is a good plan to budget your heating costs! By doing this, we try to eliminate a large balance or credit at the end of the heating season. In some cases we do need to increase or decrease the budget payment depending on your usage mid-heating season. you will also receive 10 cents off per gallon, for all gallons delivered at the end of the Budget Plan
  • Receive $0.10 off per gallon if paid within 15 days of your delivery with approved credit.

  • Fuel Assistance Friendly.

  • Cleanings:
    - May - August: $149.00
    - September - April: $179.00
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