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Myths & Facts About Heating Oil
Mahoney’s Oil is dedicated to servicing you with the best customer service and the highest quality heating oil. It’s easier then you think...

  • Heating Oil has been the less expensive heating fuel for the most of the last 20 years according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

  • Heating Oil is Safe. Gas ignites readily and can explode if a leak occurs. Oil heat is not flammable. A lit match dropped in heating oil will go out just as it would if dropped in water. Oil heat has to be heated to 140 degrees and converted into a vapor before it will ever ignite.

  • Heating Oil has Low Emissions. Modern oil heat systems produce a near zero percent emissions and the recent introduction of Bioheat has lowered emissions even further.

  • Heating Oil is Dependable. Heating Oil allows you to control your own supply - stored on your property. Plus you choose how you want to use and conserve your supply as you need it.

  • Customer Service. Gas companies tend to be large bureaucratic organizations that are insulated from competition. An oil heat customer on the other hand has the choice of providers so the dealers work hard to earn customers loyalty with an emphasis on professionalism and exceptional service. Often with discounts, budgets, and donations to local area businesses.
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